Home Buyer and Seller Series Heading Into 2023 Looking into the next few months one thing is pretty clear… a mixed bag! For Buyers, inventory is increasing! The premium that attached to many homes sold last Spring is pretty much gone. That means homes are a little less expensive (no or little bidding wars). Plus the third week of January mortgage rates hit […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Episode VI (Home Inspections) of my VI part series I had fun doing these. There is some good information throughout, in fact just about anyone, regardless of experience level can probably find a couple ideas in each. This last video is about home inspections. I use this particular inspector frequently. I like his inspections and though it takes longer he takes time to be sure […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Information for Buyers and Sellers Episode V – Buying Today im releasing my fifth in a series of six videos on real estate buying and selling. I hope they are useful. We cover a broad list of topics and there is soooo much information it is easy to get off track and or talk way too much. Anyway they have been a learning experience […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Information For Buyers and Sellers; Episode IV LISTING INFORMATION In my area the interest in new listings has picked up. Our listings are about 2x greater than three months ago. All prices too. Though the majority of sales are in the $300,000 to $500,000 range with the median being about $515K. It used to be when folks talked about listing they were thinking about […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Tax Issues and Benefits of Real Estate- Episode III There will be a total of 6 of these. Lending, Market, Tax Issues and Listing are all so far and will all be published in the next few days (three are). Episodes IV and VI will deal with showing and I haven’t decided on VI yet 😉 I do apologize on this Episode we were […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Home buyer and Seller series on YouTube- Episode I and II Trying to put more info out there for home buyers and sellers in my market area. This I made an error on the MLO number by using MLL and didn’t realize until after published. New process for me. Hope it gains some traction… I am going to one boosting the post and access. Here is […]
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