Home Buyer and Seller Series October 22, 2022

Information For Buyers and Sellers; Episode IV LISTING INFORMATION

In my area the interest in new listings has picked up. Our listings are about 2x greater than three months ago. All prices too. Though the majority of sales are in the $300,000 to $500,000 range with the median being about $515K.

It used to be when folks talked about listing they were thinking about the 3 Ps. Put up a sign, Place an ad, Pray.

While I am sure that is still the norm the process, and it is a process, or Journey has gotten far more complicated and reaches out across many media to find buyers and bring them to the door.

So for this episode I interview Kristen Bryant a broker with Coldwell Banker Cascade Real Estate and a member of my team and also my right hand. Hope you enjoy it

How To List and Sell Your Home