Home Buyer and Seller Series 2023 Real Estate Sales Around Wenatchee WA by Perrin Cornell, Diamond Society Top Producer 2023 Real Estate Sales Around Wenatchee is in the books and we are into February already! Rates have started inching down at last and accordingly listings are moving up. Buyer interest is on the move. Click theĀ  link ^^^ and get the full details Buying or selling real estate in and around Wenatchee is now […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series 6 Month Real Estate Report      
Home Buyer and Seller Series Buying or Selling Homes in Winter December 6th and it looks and feels like much deeper into winter. But buying or selling homes in winter can be positive. Many people believe that December is not a great time to be buying and selling. I actually I believe it is a good time! Preparing for Buying or Selling Homes in Winter If […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Video: Episode VI – Importance of Home Inspections This last video is about the importance of home inspections. I use this particular inspector frequently. I like his inspections and though it takes longer, he takes time to be sure the client understands the scope and underlying problems. I had fun doing this series of videos. There is some good information throughout — in […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Video: Buying Real Estate – Episode V Today, I’m releasing my fifth in a series of six videos on real estate tips for buying and selling real estate. I hope they are useful. We cover a broad list of topics. There is soooo much information that it is easy to get off track and talk way too much. Creating these videos has […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Information For Buyers and Sellers; Episode IV LISTING INFORMATION In the Wenatchee Valley area, the interest in new listings has picked up. We have about twice as many listings as three months ago. The listings are across all price ranges too, though the majority of sales are in the $300,000 to $500,000 range with the median being about $515K. It used to be when […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Tax Benefits of Buying & Selling Homes – Episode III I do apologize… on this episode (Tax Benefits of Buying and Selling Homes), we were operating from a distance. The interviewee was having internet issues with freezing frames. The sound is ok though and as it wasn’t any better the next day, we went with this. There will be a total of 6 real estate […]
Home Buyer and Seller Series Home Buyer & Seller Video Series I am trying to put more information out there for home buyers and sellers in my market area and am putting together series of home buy and seller videos. I made an error on the MLO number by using MLL and didn’t realize it until after it was published. This is a new process for […]
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