Uncategorized May 25, 2023

May 2023 and Almost June!

Hard to believe!!

Remember when we all were kids growing up could hardly wait until 16 so we could drive… then 21 (or 18 depending). Now seems like the milestones are a landslide all going by so fast. In the case of Wenatchee Real Estate the market is picking up steam. I think this is the fourth day (not counting weekends) when we have had double digit new listings throughout the North Central Washington area. A far cry from last year, at this time, when the same area for new home listings were only 1 to 4 per day!In fact in April 2022 we had 57 New Listings. End of April this year we have 113 new listings  that is up 98% from a year ago!

Some other key stats:

1. Median Sales Price end of April $440,000. Over the last 90 days the Median was $439,500. So prices appear to be holding their ground.

2. The average Sales Price  to its Price, six months ago was 94% today it is moving up at 96%.

3. Perhaps the most watched category other than just the price of homes in Wenatchee is number of days of market supply. Across all home price ranges it is 3.3 months. That is well within the range considered to be a sellers market but not so fast that buyers can’t get some of their wants taken care of in m making the a purchase ( inspection, price concessions, etc.)


If you are looking for a new home or need to sell an existing one or even have a friend or relative interested give us a call. We are happy to help. If nothing comes of it well that is ok because we just made a friend!

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